Wednesday, October 26, 2005

Travels around the pond

I like to take walks and often do so around nearby Jamaica Pond. I've met some interesting people there.
When I first started blogging I wrote about a man who called me a child molester (because I wear a habit so it's obvious I'm Catholic.) That was about 6 months ago and I haven't seen him since, until I took a walk there recently. He walked past me and as I passed, still within earshot, he said "Child molester!" I realized it was the same guy. Because we were walking in opposite directions, I figured I would probably pass him again. So I debated about what, if anything, I should do when I saw him.

He could be mentally ill, he could be a victim of abuse, or he could just be another run-of-the mill anti-Catholic bigot. He could also be dangerous so I didn't think it was safe to confront him. But something inside me didn't just want to ignore it all if I saw him again. So it came to me: pray!
I said the prayer to St. Michael as I was walking, in case he was involved in some kind of Satanic activity (not unusual today, unfortunately). I had a rosary ring with me (I had left my rosary at home) so when I saw him coming I held up the rosary ring with its image of Mary, and as soon as I was close enough for him to hear I started praying the Hail Mary out loud, very loud. I think it took him by surprise. This time he just kept repeating, "shame, shame, shame." Who knows, but if he's a fallen-away Catholic he may not have heard the words "Hail, Mary" for a very long time. So I'm glad he heard them from me.

Pray for him.


xaipe said...

Great going! The man does sound rather unbalanced, though.

Anonymous said...

What a scary encounter! I am glad you were inspired to counter his fear with the grace of the Rosary.