Monday, November 21, 2005

Presentation of Mary

Today's feast of the Presentation was taken out of the Church calendar by Pope St. Pius V, the great reforming Pope who is famous for the Tridentine Mass. But Sixtus V put it back in 1585. The Orthodox Church celebrates this feast, and it may have been retained in our calendar as an ecumenical gesture.

It actually originated as a feast of the dedication of the Church of St. Mary in Jerusalem on Nov. 21, 543! Pretty ancient! It may also have some relation to the apocryphal Gospel of St. James. That document relates incidents about the childhood of Mary which are probably not historical but have always been of great interest to Christians. That's where we got the names Joachim and Anne for Mary's parents.

In any case, the feast offers some food for reflection. The Office of Readings for this feast has St. Augustine's famous statement that Mary was more blessed for her faith in Christ than for bearing the flesh of Christ. An encouraging thought for all of us who can imitate Mary by our lives of faith.


Anonymous said...

Hi Sr. Lorraine,

I just found your blog. What a great blog. I need to remember to visit often. I am Maria, mommy to Cecilia (age 15months), and due with another in July. I wanted to be a nun myself but the Poor Clares decided it wasn't for me after 4.5 years (still don't know why but I guess they were right). I love being a Mom and a wife, so it seems to be what God wanted all along. I will be coming back often, thanks for this great place to visit! And please keep my little happy family in your prayers.

Lisa said...

Happy Feast of St. Cecilia!

I posted a question on my blog asking for people's favorite liturgical music. I thought it a fitting post for the feast.

Sister Lorraine, will you be in the Sisters' Concert at St. Paul's in Princeton?


Sr. Lorraine said...

Hi Lisa,
I'll go check out your post. I won't be in the concert (I really don't have a good singing voice!) but I hope you can go to it if you're in the area. The choir is really great!

Christine said...

Thanks for this post about our Blessed Mother! I hadn't thought of this, and I should be sure to mention it to my daughters before bed.

By the way, happy new year, sister!

With love,