Sunday, November 20, 2005

Sr Aparaceda, RIP

This afternoon around 12:30 Eastern time one of our older sisters died, Sr Aparaceda. She was about 85 and was a real character. Born in Brazil, our co-foundress, Mother Thecla, sent her to the United States "for a year" when she was a young sister. Well, the year never ended! Several times Sr Aparaceda reminded Mother Thecla that the year had passed, but Mother Thecla just smiled and asked her to stay on.
She had a very peaceful death and was serene. She slipped away into the loving arms of Jesus.


Lisa said...

May God grant her eternal rest and His reward for her dedication and consecration!

It strikes me how fitting it is that she would go over to the embrace of her Beloved on the feast of Christ the King.

May she rest in peace! Amen.


Silent Rain Drops said...

She is in my prayers to rest in joy with the Lord and Our Lady - and my prayers are with the community who feel her loss.

God bless you all.

Penitens said...

Requiescat in pace