Monday, November 07, 2005

Thomas Tuesday

Well, it's really Monday but that's OK--I'm a day early.
Over the weekend I read something that St. Thomas says about faith. It was almost a "by the way" comment in a response to an objection. He said that the merit of faith is increased by difficulties against it, and he gave two examples: persecution, and specious arguments against faith. People who hold fast to faith in the midst of persecution are martyrs. Those who hold fast to faith in the face of other kinds of opposition are martyrs of a different type, in a sense.

Thomas lived in a time when the whole culture was basically Catholic. So believers at that time had a whole network of support for their faith, in every aspect of their lives. That is long gone today.
Believers now hold fast to faith in a secular culture that offers no support for a life of faith. So to be a believer today is more difficult and more meritorious.
What ways have you found to support your faith in a secular society?


seeking_something said...

Catholic Radio (mostly EWTN Radio), sometimes internet resources like church documents and Catholic forums, and most of all, other cool Catholics! Cool Catholics are those that are not going overboard on either end of conservative-liberal continuum.

Barb and Brad said...

Hi Sister :)

I tryed to live without it, and, discovered that life without faith is hell.
I agree with the above comment on "cool Catholics". Though I tend to be a bit on the left, I can see the in between Catholics are the ones that seem the least angry and the most spiritual.

God bless,

Sr. Lorraine said...

That's an interesting comment about "cool Catholics"--I haven't heard the term before.
It reminds me of Rae Stabosz' term "home-style Catholics" as opposed to "cafeteria Catholics."