Tuesday, November 15, 2005

Thomas Tuesday

Recently I found out about a fairly new book on St. Thomas called "Holy Teaching." It's an introduction to the Summa and contains a selection of questions from the Summa. And it has wonderful footnotes. They're quite extensive and give the reader a very good background on what Thomas was saying.

One point that came up is about creation. Thomas says that creation resembles its Creator. Human beings are made in God's image, because as persons we are intelligent and free and can form relationships. But Thomas even sees ways in which matter has some resemblance to God. He speaks about God's image, in rational creatures like us, and his imprint, so to speak, in the rest of creation. It can be very faint but in some way all of creation bears the mark of its Creator.
He says insofar as things are substances, they resemble the Father, the source of all being. Insofar as they have a certain organization and design about them, they resemble the Son, the Word of the Father through whom creation came about. And insofar as they are ordered to other things, they are related to them and in some faint way they resemble the Holy Spirit, Love.

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jenny said...

Thanks for the suggestion. I just finished Chesterton's biography of Aquinas and was wondering where to go next. I'm not ready to jump straight into Summa Theologica yet.