Monday, December 05, 2005

Christmas concert

On Sunday I went with the sisters from our Staten Island community to St. Paul's Church in Princeton, NJ, where we had one of our Christmas concerts. It was awesome! Sr Anne Joan was there and did a solo of "O Holy Night." She hit all those high notes! check her blog for more info on the concert.

In Princeton we met Lisa Burke, a fellow blogger! It's the first time that I met someone whom I first met through my blog. If you haven't already visited her blog, please check it out. She posts great commentary and thoughtful reflections.


Lisa said...

It was great meeting you in person, S. Lorraine! I'm so glad you made the trip.

Until the next time,

Sixtina87 said...

i have been readin the updates on tehc oncert, i remeber a Sister telling me that the sisters would perform on christmas day or eve for a mass!!!! how awesome!!! i wish you could get he choir i come to ILL and sing, i want to hear them other than through a cd!!!