Saturday, December 24, 2005

God became man

At the heart of Christmas is the deepest mystery: God became man.
It could seem like blasphemy but it's at the heart of our faith: God became man.
All the Christmas presents, all the rushing around, the shopping, the baking, the cooking, the parties, laughing, fun and get-togethers only make sense if we remember: God became man.

God became one of us! How can we fathom the mystery?

In the Office of Readings for Christmas, the Church gives us a wonderful homily by St. Leo the Great, entitled, "Christian, remember your dignity!"
Because God became man, and through baptism we are made one with him, we have a tremendous dignity that no one can take away.
St. Leo reminds us of this and urges us now that we have been cleansed, not to return by sin to our former base condition.
He says that the mystery of Christmas is meant for everyone, no one is shut out from the rejoicing for this feast: let the saint rejoice as he receives the palm of victory, and let the sinner rejoice as he hears the call to conversion. Everyone has a reason to rejoice.

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Lisa said...

Merry and Blessed Christmas to you, S. Lorraine!