Monday, December 19, 2005

US National Debt over 8 Trillion Dollars

This link brings you to the US national debt clock, which tracks the national debt and breaks it down.
Right now the debt is over 8 trillion dollars.
The government keeps ahead of this debt by selling treasury bills. But that only postpones the debt to the future. It also is dangerous because it makes the economy depend on whether or not investory buy those treasury bills. Right now, more than 50 % of them are owned by people in other countries. That makes our national economy depend on decision makers in those countries; but is it a good thing to make our economy so dependent on them?

This is not a political blog, but sound economic policies should be the concern of every American, regardless of political ties.

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Anonymous said...

Ah, even worse today Congress approved cutting Medicaid by 41.6 billion dollars. That is billions of dollars taken away from helping our poorest citizens,elderly and needy get the medical care they need. Yet, I heard few people talk about what happened or complain how anti-Christain this is. Poor people just aren't a push button topic they don't make the news these days. And all right before Christmas....