Thursday, December 29, 2005

Where are these thoughts coming from?

This morning I was feeling disturbed about something that had happened, and I was thinking some dark, negative thoughts. Then suddenly a question popped into my head, "Are these thoughts coming from God?"
I had to say no, they weren't coming from God, and I had to pray to the Holy Spirit for help to replace them with better ones.

It made me reflect on how easy it is to get carried away by negative thoughts, which can often come from a lack of faith or of charity, and how often I've done that. This morning's experience gave me something to aim at in the new year: to be more aware of what I'm thinking and to ask myself where those thoughts are coming from.

Bl. James Alberione, our founder, liked to talk about what he called "the sanctification of the mind." I think this is what he meant.


Anonymous said...

You know since I became a mother I can honestly say I don't have time for negative thoughts. Probably because my daughter is little and takes up all of my mental thought and energy. Most of my thoughts are now about her and my family (how to keep her safe, happy, fed, and clean and she doesn't give me a vacation ever). This is a huge change from my pre-Mom days, when a large percentage of my thoughts were much more self centered. Since I am having another baby soon, I am going to assume this benifit of young motherhood will continue for a while yet.

I really remember days where all I could think about was poor me, and now me is the last person I almost always think about--a miraculous change.

RAP said...

I'm glad I read this post. I, too, was down because of something that happened today. I will look for the doughnut, not the hole.

Robin L. in TX said...

For me it was worry about things I could not change. The Holy Spirit led me to begin using the St. Michael prayer and aspirations (I trust in you, Jesus. Cure my distrust) to block negative thoughts.

At the same time, I also learned to joyfully offer up small mortifications (that mocha coffee I don't really need, patiently following the slow driver, etc.) as a means of keeping my focus on Jesus and using the experiences I'm given to develop virtues.

The old adage, "Change your thoughts" was also concerned with this. The older I get, the more my Christian barometer judges things, esp. my actions through the filter of light and love. God is Love and Light, everything else is not of Him.

I pray you have a very blessed Christmas and New Year, Sister Lorraine.

Robin L.