Wednesday, February 22, 2006

Congratulations, Cardinal O'Malley!

This morning I heard the news that Bishop O'Malley was named a cardinal. As head of the Archdiocese of Boston he took over the diocese in the midst of the huge crisis of the scandal. I think he's done a wonderful job of effectively responding to that crisis. But the effects of it have run very deep and the Church in Boston needs a lot of prayer. Then he had to face difficult decisions regarding the closing of parishes and all of the controversy surrounding that. I'm sure he would appreciate the prayers of all of us as he faces these big responsibilities.

A while ago he visited our convent one Sunday, celebrated Mass and talked with the community. Everyone enjoyed him as he is very gracious and very humble.

I'm inserting here the picture of myself and my co-novice, Sr Laura, when we celebrated our silver jubilee at a Mass at the Cathedral in 2004.


AveMaria1 said...

Dear Sr. Lorraine,

I never really knew how deep the scandal really was until I saw the movie, "Our Fathers" and then I really saw how it affected those men. Have you seen it? It's hard to really gauge by watching a movie because movies are not always 100% true...but it was interesting nonetheless.

Ever since I watched that movie, I have added Boston to my intention list.

+JMJ (and thanks for stopping by my blog)

I absolutely adore The Daughters of St. Paul. (Sr. Helena, Helen and Anne are just the coolest ~ here in Chicago)


Sr. Lorraine said...

Hi Lauren,
I haven't seen the movie, but you could check Sr Rose's movie blog for a review. She always has interesting comments.

Thanks for the prayers, too!