Tuesday, February 14, 2006

Elevator rescue!

Last Friday evening one of our senior sisters, Sr. Caroline, got stuck in a small elevator near our dining room. It stopped between floors and wouldn't budge. Of course these things always happen after our maintenance men leave for the day. So we called the elevator company and luckily they had a mechanic in the area who came out quickly. He found that the motor had burned out and had some difficulty in getting the car to move to the floor level.

So Sr Caroline was stuck in the elevator for about an hour. Several of us stayed in the hallway talking to her through the wall. Luckily, she stayed calm and didn't panic. She said, "Well, Lent is coming, so we have to do penance." Then she told us the riddle of the day (every day she has a riddle that she tells). When the mechanic finally got the car to move and the door to open, she emerged with a smile. Now we just have to pray to St. Joseph for some funds to get the elevator fixed.

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