Wednesday, February 22, 2006

Now ready -- new encyclical

Pope Benedict's first encyclical is now ready. There's been an amazing amount of interest in it and we're getting many orders!

A lady called the order department from somewhere in the South and asked in a drawl, "Now why did you change the color of the cover?" Linda, our order entry operator, responded off the cuff, "New pope, new color!"


Anonymous said...

I ordered it off Amazon and there is a long wait for it (6-8 weeks they say) but often you get things faster. I have to order from Amazon as my husband works there but I do love your ministry. When I was a kid we would buy books on the lives of the saints for children from the Pauline Sisters. I think we actually baught them from the sisters at the Shrine of the Martyrs in NY.


Anonymous said...

Which reminds me I think I am going to make my daughter an Easter Basket filled with some goodies from you sisters. I found some great things on your website. Plus I don't like her to eat too much candy. And I want the Praying the Rosary CD for myself for the car!

Sr. Lorraine said...

Thanks, Maria. You can order the encyclical directly from our website and it is in stock now, so it will come right away.

xaipe said...

We are still waiting to see it in Chicago.