Friday, February 17, 2006

Seven Founders of Servites

Today is the feast of the seven founders of the Servite order. In the early 1200's seven men got together and organized a new religious order, calling themselves servants of Mary. The order has a strong Marian charism.
I recall Fr. Walter Brennan, a wonderful Servite priest who taught theology at the Marian Institute in Dayton. I had him for some classes and his teaching had a lot of depth. He was not only an academic but had a lot of pastoral experience because he worked at an inner-city parish. He shared with us a document from one of the Servites' meetings. In talking about Mary and evangelization, it states:

"John Paul II characterizes the new evangelization as 'new in its fervor, its methods, and its expression.' This leads us to take the Virgin of the Magnificat as icon of our evangelizatin commitment. Her fervor is the fruit of her faith and humility, and expresses her gratitude and enthusiasm."

Mary, help us in our efforts to lead people to Jesus, your Son.

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