Wednesday, April 05, 2006

Bishop Lennon goes to Cleveland

You're probably heard that Boston's auxiliary Bishop Lennon is going to Cleveland. Here he is at our jubilee celebration in 2004. Before he became a bishop, he was our chaplain for about ten years and has been a wonderful support for our community and mission during that time.
Our prayers go with him!

In picture from left: Sr Laura, myself, Sr Frances and Sr Susan)


Lisa said...

Nice picture of you and your co-novices with Bishop Lennon :)

S. Bernadette posted a mention of another former chaplain to the Sisters (the novices, if I recall correctly) who also now is a Bishop, Bishop Malone I think.

tony c said...

I returned to the Church Lent 2001 when I was living in Boston (Jamaica Plain!)

I only met the Bishop once, at the Basillica on Mission Hill. I think it was the Basillica's big anniversary, 150 or 175 years. 150 sounds right.

He said Mass very reverently.

(I miss that place and the Little Brothers of St. Francis: Anthony, Joseph and Didacus. What holy little dudes, ya know? And the Redemptorist Fathers...Fr. Ryan was a trip. Great priests.)

Sr. Lorraine said...

Yes, Bishop Malone used to be one of our chaplains too, as was Bishop Banks (now in Green Bay), Bishop Hughes (New Orleans) and Bishop Daily (retired bishop of Brooklyn). Lest anyone think that the Daughters have any say in the bishop-making process, we've also had many other chaplains who remain ordinary, hard-working and holy priests!