Monday, April 24, 2006

Random Meme

Sr Anne Joan tagged me with a random meme, that is, 6 random things about me. So here goes:

1. I'm always trying to get organized but I never quite make it.

2. I have a weakness for chocolate.

3. I'm interested in eating healthy (note the contradiction from point 2). This point, however, comes from being a cancer survivor. I had a disease called hairy-cell leukemia but recovered from it twice (in 1994 and 1999). Now I'm doing fine.

4. St. Thomas Aquinas is my favorite saint, even though I'm a Daughter of St. Paul. St. Paul comes in second.

5. I belonged to the Catholic Evidence Guild before I entered the convent (in 1976). Once when I was giving a street corner talk in Times Square (yes, we did that), a crazy guy came up and slapped me in the face. It was my big martyrdom moment that I was really proud of: slapped for the faith! I've always said I would like to die as a martyr. (Realistically it's the only way I can see myself avoiding purgatory! Remember all the chocolate...)

6. I love to throw out junk and get rid of garbage. Now that I'm also overseeing maintenance of our Boston facilities in addition to my editorial duties, I can go and clean out something when I start to feel stressed out. I spend more time than I should hanging around dumpsters.

Well, that's it!


Lisa said...

Thanks for sharing these, Sister. I think memes are a great way to get to know better friends in the blogosphere.

Have a blessed day!

Kitty said...

Dear Sister,

Good news!

Chocolate with at least 70% cocoa solids are now considered good for you! I experimented on myself (for the good of humanity, I assure you).

After eating milk chocolate, my stomach hurt and I got grouchy. Same with "dark chocolate" such as Hershey's dark chocolate Kisses or semi-sweet chocolate chips, whose packages do not specify how much cocoa is actually in them. But after eating chocolate bars that actually said on the package that they contained at least 70% cocoa I experienced no adverse reaction.

When I eat chocolate, I usually find it hard to stop eating it & I end up feeling pretty bad, but with the 70%+ chocolates, a couple of pieces satisfy me and I don't "need" to eat the whole bar (so the chocolate actually lasts longer - yay!).

Incidentally, do you know Sr. Maria Elizabeth Borobia? She's my sister!

Richard said...

Chocolate has many healthy healing properties - it's rich in magnesium and, most importantly, it helps one recover from the effects of a Dementor attack!

Sr. Lorraine said...

That's good news about chocolate!

I do know your sister, Kitty; it's great to meet you via blog!

laurathecrazymama said...

Oh, Sister, when I read that about getting your face slapped I wanted to, I'll borrow you my children's softy hand to rub your face! There is nothing sweeter than a little hand gently touching your face!

Anonymous said...

Sister, did you happen to track your blood CBC's between initial remission and relapse? I had HCL in 03/04 and some of my CBC numbers are beginning to concern me. Additionally I appreciate your mission for others.