Tuesday, May 30, 2006

Fr Todd

If you've been surfing the Catholic blogosphere, you've probably heard about the untimely death of Fr. Todd Reitmeyer. He was a young priest in his mid-3o's who tragically died last week in a boating accident while on vacation in Texas.

He was ordained about three years ago. God's ways are so mysterious--we just never know when our time here on earth will be up. All the more reason to keep our eyes fixed on Jesus. It pays to practice virtue. In light of eternity, so many things I've been concerned about get put in perspective.


Anonymous said...

For what it’s worth

I want to Thank Our Lord Jesus for having given His Life so that I can live forever and I also want to Thank Him for all those Eternal Spiritual Days and all Eternal Spiritual Child which accompany Those Days.

Jesus when you walked Your Earth here about two thousand years or so, You told Judas in so many words and anyone else who was listening that Noone could get to Your Father without going through You first. You knew what the devil was UP to and had hoped that maybe Judas would say NO to him but unfortunately he was only human.

You did leave us The Lord’s Prayer but Jesus, would you please Thank Your Father for me for having sent His Word to save all who believe. Please also Thank Him for another child that He created and that is my soul, Your little brother.

Lord Jesus while You’re at IT, will You Please ask Your Father to Thank His Holy Spirit for having conceived You in Mary about two thousand thirty nine years ago I would guess. I can only guess that she carried You about nine months and She must have really Loved YOU and of course You Loved Her before time knew IT. When we humans crucified You and while You were still on the cross, You made Her Our Mother also. You later rewarded Her with The Resurrection of The Body and to top it all You made Her Mother of Heaven and Earth.

I know that You Jesus Christ will Personally Thank Your Holy Spirit for Your little brother my spirit and for all The countless seeds that has been planted for my soul and my spirit. I know that they are now waiting in grade one for me and when I die or when the judgement day comes, Me, Myself and I will join Them and become One then we’ll be on our way in learning to be perfect like Our Heavenly Father wants US All to be.

Only You Lord know that I could go on and on thanking You but I better close now by asking You to Please continue to Thank All of Your Angels, Saints, Martyrs, Prophets, Everyone who seek You with a Sincere Heart, especially Your Special Friends that I also don’t really know. After thanking Them All for Their pass prayers, please ask Them all to keep praying for me cause I know that many now won’t give this sinner the time of day unless it’s been sanctions by You Lord?

Rightly said that God's ways are so mysterious

God Bless Todd’s Soul

Victor said...

For what it's forth!

I had left my name but Anonymous must have been on.

I wouldn't want to keep anyone from sending me an email whether it be good or bad.