Wednesday, May 03, 2006

Mary and the month of May

During May I'd like to post some thoughts from the writings of Bl. James Alberione on Mary.

"Christ is my life,
and the way to reach him
is Mary."

3 comments: said...

Sister Lorraine. Sorry, didn't know how else to reach you: Owen from the former Luminousmiseries here. I would appreciate it if you might e-mail me. owenswainATgmailDOTcom

RAP said...

I would like to read those thoughts. I always appreciate inspiring comments about Mary.

Brother Allears said...

I enjoy thoughts on Mary. In fact, I do talks and retreats on Mary. Just curious: Why limit the thoughts to those of Bl James Alberione. I like him very much. I was just wondering why not include thoughts by one of my favorites, St Alphonsus Mary Liguori?