Tuesday, May 30, 2006

Reading for spiritual health

When I finished the 30-day retreat last January, one of the "advices" the retreat director gave was to make time for spiritual reading, every day if possible.
I had gotten away from it for a while, but over the weekend I had some time so I read a little more. It's amazing how it really does make a difference. I read a bit from "The Three Ways of the Spiritual Life," a classic book by Lagrange. He mentioned how it's easy in day-to-day life to get so caught up in things we have to do that we can forget about God. But even a few minutes of reading from a good spiritual book can help us refocus.


Kitty said...

Sister, this is so true! Lately I have been reading The Story of a Soul and if I just read for a few minutes I find I can face the day with my 6 little charges much more cheerfully than if I don't. It's good for me, and it is good for the children, as I am the one charged with their formation in the Faith and in life!

Chelsea said...

An awesome point Sr. Lorraine!!! Even if it is for a few minutes., it really enhances our focus of our day.

Oh Sr. Lorraine! I think I'm going to go to the FSP Summer Program in July!!! YAY!!! :-) (Please pray for me!)

Sr. Lorraine said...

Hi Chelsea,

I'm glad to hear you might be coming to the summer program. I should be in Boston at the time so I'll look forward to meeting you!

Chelsea said...

I will look foward to meeting you as well! :-)