Thursday, June 15, 2006

Great comments

I've gotten some really great comments lately. Under the theology of the body post, Clare wrote a wonderful piece about the role of beauty in communicating truth. Thank you, Clare!
Also, Teodora-Yana Yaacov wrote from Bulgaria. It's amazing how the Internet connects people all over the world.
In another post someone who had HCL wrote to ask about blood counts. I can't find the particular post now so I'll answer it here. HCL (hairy-cell leukemia) is a blood disease I've had in the past. The person was concerned because his or her blood counts are declining.
That can be a bit scary because declining blood counts are the first sign the disease is returning. However, my doctor told me that the white cell count can fluctuate quite a bit and sometimes it doesn't mean much. At times my would dip down a little below normal but then come back up again. It's only recently--last year--that my platelet count got consistently back into the normal range. So it takes time. I'll keep the anonymous commenter in my prayers.


Mojo said...

Hi...writing as a 40 something, single Christian female from Ireland! Hello! I would love to hear more about your life and beliefs. Being brought up in a troubled Northern Ireland and being a Protestant...I was separated with Roman Catholic people...still am to a certain degree. But I have a huge interest in silent retreats, saints, all things Catholic! But who do I share this with...when 99% of my friends are Presbyterian! Can you be there when I want to know more?
Have a blessed day! Mojo

Sr. Lorraine said...

Hello Mojo!
It's great to hear from you! I would certainly be interested to hear more about your life and beliefs too. I am part Irish but I've never been there.
Please feel free to leave any comments or questions. If you wish to email me my address is It should also be on the sidebar unless it somehow disappeared.
God bless you!

laurathecrazymama said...

It really is cool how people from all walks of life have found your blog! Every time I check in, I find something that pertains to my life right now. For instance, I have been listening to a CD about The Theology of the Body in Adoration lately and there you go and mention the interesting news about the new translation! That was the first I had heard about Prof. Waldstein and his work. How interesting! Thank you.