Saturday, June 03, 2006

Mary, Queen of the Apostles

Today in our congregation we celebrate the feast of Mary, Queen of the Apostles.
Bl. James Alberione gave us this devotion to Mary because it relates to closely to the mission of evangelizing. In a nutshell, his idea was very simple: Mary gave Jesus to the world by accepting the vocation to be his Mother. Literally, she gave him birth. Because of Mary, we have Jesus.

In a similar way, by giving the Gospel to people, we bring Jesus to birth for them spiritually. It's something that every Catholic is called to do. It can be in the most simple of ways, sometimes just a kind word or a smile or a friendly gesture.


Kitty said...

Really, we should all celebrate this beautiful feast! We are all called to be Apostles in one way or another, and Jesus gave Mary to us all, after she gave Him to us. I LOVE being Catholic!

Steph Crane said...

I liked how you described being the "Gospel" to others. I had a question on my blog about whether we worshipped Mary and the saints. I privately replied that Mary said "Yes" to bringing Jesus into the world. She accepted God's invitation to her vocation.