Saturday, July 01, 2006

Happy anniversary

Today is the 27th anniversary of my religious profession of vows. I thank God for all the graces he has given me through all of these years. Deo gratias!


Mark Mossa, SJ said...

Congrats! May you have many more!!

Moneybags said...


Lisa said...

Ah, so you and Sister Anne shared a year together in the novitiate!

Sincere congratulations to you and thanks to God for the grace of your vocation!

Enjoy the day!

Jack Bennett said...

Congratulations, Sister!

Chelsea said...

Deo Gratias!!!
Congratulations Sr. Lorraine!!! 27 years WOW!!!

I'm still looking foward to meeting you at the end of this month!!!
God Bless you!!!! :-)

RAP said...

God bless you on your 27th anniversary. My husband and I celebrated our 27th year of marriage vows on June 30th. It has been a blessing. I wish you continued joy in serving the Lord.

Ben Olitsky said...

I have know you for only a week and was very impressed with your meeting last week. Happy 27th.

Anonymous said...

Congratulations!! God bless Ya! Love from Canada!

Kitty said...

Happy Anniversary!

Clare Krishan said...

A little compilation for your edification: the artist shares July 1 as an anniversary of another sacred kind, grateful prayers for your faithfulness, God Bless!

George Frederic Watts, The Dweller in the Innermost (1886)
English Pre-Raphaelite and Symbolist painter and sculptor
(Portraitist of Cardinal Manning) d.7-1-1904, b. 2-23-1817
The critic G.K. Chesterton said of him ".. more than any other modern man, and much more than politicians who thundered on platforms or financiers who captured continents, Watts has sought in the midst of his quiet and hidden life to mirror his age... In the whole range of Watts' symbolic art, there is scarcely a single example of the ordinary and arbitrary current symbol.... A primeval vagueness and archaism hangs over the all the canvases and cartoons, like frescoes from some prehistoric temple. There is nothing there but the eternal things, day and fire and the sea, and motherhood and the dead."
Another contemporary admirer, Hugh MacMillan, wrote that Watts "surrounds his ideal forms with a misty or cloudy atmosphere for the purpose of showing that they are visionary or ideal.... His colors, like the color of the veils of the ancient tabernacle, like the hues of the jewelled walls of the New Jerusalem, are invested with a parabolic significance.... To the commonest hues he gives a tone beyond their ordinary power... Watts is essentially the seer. He thinks in pictures that come before the inward eye spontaneously and assume a definite form almost without any effort of consciousness."

This is one of Watts' most overtly Symbolist paintings.
It appeared in an exhibition in 1896 described as

'Conscience, winged, dusk-faced, and pensive, seated facing, within a glow of light; on her forehead she bears a shining star; and on her lap lie the arrows that pierce through all disguise, and the trumpet which proclaims truth to the world'.

It inspired Walter Crane to compose a sonnet:

Star-steadfast eyes that pierce the smouldering haze
Of Life and Thought, whose fires prismatic fuse
The palpitating mists with magic hues
That stain the glass of Being, as we gaze,
And mark in transit every mood and phase,
Which, sensitive, doth take or doth refuse
The Lights and shadows Time and Love confuse,
When, lost in dreams, we thread their wandering maze.

Fledged, too, art thou with plumes on brow and breast
To bear thee, brooding o'er the depths unknown
Of human strife, and wonder, and desire;
And silence, wakened by thy horn alone,
Behind thy veil behold a heart on fire,
Wrapped in the secret of its own unrest.

yana yaacov said...

Happy Anniversary! God bless you!