Friday, July 14, 2006

Tunnel falling down

You've probably read about the poor woman who died last Monday night when a 3 ton concrete slab fell down from the ceiling of a Big Dig tunnel in Boston. It's caused an uproar here and rightly so. It's hard to believe that a project that cost 16 billion dollars (and counting) was done so poorly.

Now the news is reporting that hundreds of loose ceiling panels have been found. Having driven through those tunnels, it's certainly not a comforting thought to hear that!

All this got me thinking about having a good work ethic and taking pride in one's work. I don't know who's to blame for the tunnel fiasco, but somewhere along the line someone didn't do the job he was paid to do and supposed to do. Pope John Paul wrote an encyclical on human work, in which he pointed out that our work has a place in God's plan. Even if I'm cleaning the kitchen or mopping a floor, it has value if I offer it to God.


Robin L. in TX said...

This point arose just last Wednesday evening at a Bible study on the Rosary. When Jesus told the servants to fill the purification jars with water, they didn't just fill them, they filled them to the brim.

I'm always thrilled and amazed when thoughts brought to me through meditation and study continue to resonate in other venues.

In Christ's peace and joy,

Robin L. in TX

Anonymous said...

That will be the thought and inspiration of the rest of my week and life. To do everything well, that is, to have pride in what we do. I think this is so important today, as many are so self-ish, greedy, and lazy, that they would do their work with minimal effort...If we have God in our lives as we work, take care of the kids, do the chores, run here and there, we would have a peaceful and less stressed life. Thank you for your encouraging thoughts!