Sunday, September 03, 2006

"Be doers of the Word"

Today's second reading, from the Letter of James, really hit a chord with me, especially the part about being "doers of the Word." It's funny how sometimes the word of God coincides with secular things that I happened to read. A couple weeks ago I read an excellent article from an internet newsletter about getting things done. The author, Robert Ringer, stated a very simple principle: nothing happens until you act.

It might seem obvious, but more times than I care to admit, I've simply waited through a situation hoping something will change. But nothing will happen until someone acts. If I want a certain outcome, I've got to take steps.

So many times I've thought of something that I'd like to do, said to myself, "Yes, I need to do that," and forgot about it. So it never got done. I can overwhelm myself by thinking of how big a project might be. But to start it takes only one simple step, then another, then another.

So I put on my desk a small sign reading: "Nothing happens until you act." It helped me a lot this past week to take specific steps to deal with issues I have to take care of.

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laurathecrazymama said...

I tell my kids this on a daily basis, "Well, standing there complaining about it isn't going to get anything DONE? Is it?" when they are trying to find something or finish something. Finally, they give up whining and go to action. It's funny how they need to be reminded EVERY time! But I guess we could use reminding, too!