Friday, September 08, 2006

Happy birthday, Mary!

Today the Church celebrates the feast of Mary's nativity. Of course we don't know the actual date, but this feast was placed on the liturgical calendar exactly nine months after we celebrate Mary's Immaculate Conception (which means she was preserved free from sin from the first moment of her conception).

Once a priest told this story in his homily for this feast. He had been dealing with a very difficult problem and could not see a good solution. After struggling with it for a long time, he still had not found an answer. He was praying about it on this feast of Mary's birth. He told her, "Mary, you know that this is an impossible situation to deal with and I don't know what else to do. So I'll just give it all to you as a birthday present." Some present!
Anyway, a few months later something happened that resolved the situation. It just so happened that the breakthrough came on the priest's own birthday. So he said, well, look at that! I gave Mary my problem for her birthday present, and she gave me the solution for my birthday present!

Mary doesn't mind if we give her problems for her birthday present. She loves to help us with them and going to her with a lot of trust is the best present she can get.


Kitty said...

Well, how about that? We've been praying and praying about something for almost a year now, and I never thought to give it to Mary for her birthday. I guess I'll wrap it up and hand it over! ;)

Chelsea said...

Mary is our mother...She wants to hear all of our worries, complaints and prayers. I'm sure she also would want to know all of the good things too!!!
One my facorite things anyone has ever said was said by Bl. James Alberione, "Tell Jesus everythihng, tell Him even if your shoe hurts! He wants to hear it all!!!" I think Mary would want us to do the same with her!
That's just my thought. God Bless!