Thursday, October 12, 2006

The book launch Theology of the Body

I just got back from the book launch of the newly translated edition of the theology of the body talks by Pope John Paul II.

It went so well! Dr. Michael Waldstein came from Austria and spoke briefly about the new translation, then he took questions from the audience. The people there raised excellent questions which Michael answered very well.

The event took place at the Holy See's office near the UN, where they have a Permanent Observer mission. Pope John Paul had visited that very room on one of his trips to the USA. Interestingly, there is a large painting on the wall depicting Michelangelo's portrait of the creation of Adam, which is the same one used on the cover of the new book. He pointed out how Eve, still in the mind of God, can be seen under God's arm. Her gaze is fixed on Adam, who in turn is looking directly at her.

I met many wonderful people there, and was especially delighted to see David Hajduk, one of our authors. David recently wrote a book on the theology of the body for young people, which we published in August. It's already a best-seller!

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