Wednesday, October 04, 2006

St. Francis, lover of poverty

Today's Gospel for the ordinary weekday is an appropriate one to fall on the feast of St. Francis. In it, Jesus says that the Son of Man has nowhere to place his head. He's telling his disciples that if they truly want to follow him, they have to get their priorities in order. They can't expect a life of luxury and ease.

St. Francis was the perfect model of this. Probably no one more than he lived a more radical poverty in the spirit of the Gospel. In fact, some of the things he did could easily be seen by us as too radical, but he was trying to get across an important message to the people of his time: to put God first in their lives.

I have to ask myself: is God really first in my life?

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br al said...

Sr Lorraine, Stumbling through the net this evening, came upon your site (via The Anchoress). Liked what I saw and read. Bundles of pauline-pushing-ahead. Shall be back. God bless.