Friday, October 06, 2006

Theology of the Body book launch

Next Wednesday evening, Oct. 12, I'll be in NY for the book launch of our new edition of Pope John Paul's theology of the body. The volume, entitled Man and Woman He Created Them, has been newly translated by Professor Michael Waldstein of the Gaming Theological Institute in Austria. He has also taught in the past at Notre Dame University and brought exceptional academic expertise to the work (he has one doctorate in theology, another in philosophy, and an SSL from the Pontifical Biblical Institute.)
I'm looking forward to this, which is a very exciting thing. The new edition is a beautiful book and this excellent translation of Pope John Paul's writings has clarified many points and will be a reference for years to come.
This page has more details about the amazing discoveries Dr. Waldstein made in the secret archives of Karol Wojtyla.


xaipe said...

Please link the page with the details on the new book!

Catholic Convert said...

You know what is absolutely crazy, is that I was debating with someone the other day that said there was absolutely NO difference in a man and a woman (besides physical build) and that the only reason we "adopt" feminine or masculine roles is because society places them on us! I couldn't believe it! I for one cherish my womanhood and I think that the uniqueness of each gender is beautiful and fascinating! I actually read something not too long ago written by a man hoping to be a minister... it said:

We know from reading Genesis that God created everything and it was very beautiful. You don't have to look very far or long to admire things like the glowing and twinkling stars in the sky, the snow peaked mountains, the roar of the water falls, the way the tall grass moves in the wind, the different animals and their unique circumstances, the wonderful colors on fish, the noise of ocean waves crashing against the sandy beaches, the different shapes of clouds in the sky, and the various conditions of weather. Now, it's interesting that after God made the heavens, earth, light, darkness, waters, land, grass, seed, trees, fruit, birds, fishies, living creatures, cattle, and man, He stopped each time, admired what he created and saw that it was good!

After God had perfected everything and saw it was good, He then went and made His greatest, most beatiful, glorious, and last creation... a woman! Now, If you read Genesis, chapter one, verse 31, you'll find that it wasn't until He made a woman (you could argue man) that God then saw everthing and it was very good. I'm of the opinion that it wasn't until God perfected His greatest creation, a woman, that that's when He was truly pleased.

Imagine that, God was pleased with His creation. Are you pleased with what God created? Do you see the beauty and perfection God created in a woman? If you are a woman, do you treat yourself the way God designed you? Do you see yourself as a perfected creation above everything else God designed? Everytime you are amazed by the sights around you; I want you to remember what a woman meant to God. She is an exclamation point of the greatest sentence ever written, a cherry on top of the world best dessert, and the greatest treasure at the end of the most beautiful rainbow. Let's enjoy God's creation and treat it the way He meant it to be treated.

Every girl should read that, don't you think? =) God bless.