Tuesday, November 28, 2006

The Nativity Movie

Have you seen it yet? Please post your reactions if you have. I haven't but I will be seeing it soon.

We have published two books that relate to the movie, which you can check out at our website.

I wrote a chapter in the one pictured here.


Del said...

I saw "The Nativity Story" here in Hawaii over a week ago; it was a pre-screening with Sr. Rose. What an inspirational movie! Now, instead of picturing the Blessed Mother and St. Joseph, St. Ann and St. Joaquin with faces like statues, I can imagine them as actual human beings, like you and I. Indeed, I really believe many will be inspired as myself with such a wholesome movie about Jesus' birth. The Magi were shown as great thinkers, scientists, and they gave the film most of it's comic relief. I really enjoyed this movie and will see it again this week, preparing myself with Sr. Rose's books. thank you much, sisters!

Amy Caroline said...

I actually heard that it was a no-no. Something about the revelations to S. Bridget that Mary labored without pain and that Jesus was not born the usual way... keeping Mary a virgin. I am rather confused about it all, I posted on my blog asking all great thinkers to clear this up for me. Anyway, there is a Catho0lic faction out there sayinf "Don't go! Don't go!"
I still want to see it though. :)