Saturday, November 18, 2006

Our Father

Two nights ago I woke up around 3 AM feeling agitated and concerned about some problems going on that I have to deal with. For a while all those thoughts just swirled around my head. Then I thought at least I could pray. So I started to say the Lord's Prayer, and as soon as I said, "Our Father," this feeling of deep peace came over me. I couldn't continue the prayer, but just kept repeating "Our Father." I felt very strongly the presence of God the Father in a very loving way. I fell asleep again, and later that day the feeling remained with me.

St Ignatius calls these kinds of experiences "consolation without preceding cause," meaning a consolation that just comes upon us for no other reason than God's grace. It's great when it happens! But it's usually not that often. God knows when we need a little extra help to keep on going. It would be good to hear about your own experiences of God's consolation too.


ANawtyMouser said...

I find this happens to me also. But not only the feeling of deep peace, but almost as though He is speaking to me. Guiding my thoughts in His direction. Showing me the way even without my asking. Once I see His way and try to follow, I have ongoing ease of thought and action. At Mass tonight during the consecration of the Eucharist these words were etched upon my mind: "My Lord and My God, Your will be done".

Lisa said...

Thank you for sharing this, S. Lorraine. I periodically have the similar experience of waking up in the middle of the night, anxious or stressed, and only thinking of our Lord can bring comfort. Thank you for reminding us to turn our hearts right to him at every moment of need.

Mojo said...

I love visiting your's so uplifting! I'm looking forward to my December silent retreat in the depths of a valley in N. Ireland! Blessings to you...Mo

Moneybags said...

I'm reading "Ordinary Work, Extraordinary Grace" by Dr. Scott Hahn on Opus Dei. And in the book, he talks about how divine filiation (being children of God) is so wonderful and mysterious. How often do we marvel at the expression "Our Father"? We should! Imagine being called sons of the Most High King of the Universe.