Tuesday, November 21, 2006

Presentation of Mary

Today is the feast of Mary's presentation in the Temple. This is not in the Scriptures, but comes from an apocryphal Gospel called the Protoevangelium of James (scroll down to # 7 in the link for the part on the presentation.)

The Gospel of James, though apocryphal, is an interesting document. It's where we find the traditional names for Mary's parents, Joachim and Anne. Of course we can't rely on it as a historical document. Nevertheless, it's an important testimony to what the early Church believed about Mary. For example, it has a strong emphasis on Mary's virginity.

Perhaps one message we can take from today's feast is that Mary was always dedicated to God. She gave herself totally to him, and we can too.

On a personal note, I had my own "presentation" when I was a year old. On my birthday (the feast of the Immaculate Conception) my mother brought me down to church. In those days (the 50's) it was common for priests to bless children and I was dedicated to the Blessed Mother. I'm grateful to my mother for doing that for me.


Anonymous said...

That is so cool! I dedicate my children but only in my mind, I never thought of bringing them to church to have them blessed! Maybe when Mari turns one, I'll do just that since she's named for Mary. I hadn't thought of which saint to "give" her to. My Katrina is St. Katherine of Sienna, my Matthew is St. Pio (because I read a book about him around the time he was born and he reminded me of Matty) Analise's saint is St. Maria Goretti (she was born on the feast day and she too was the 3rd child in the family so I thought that was neat!) Niklaus' saint is St. Nicholas (he is a red-head like the young Santa Klaus in those funny puppet Christmas specials and he was born on Nov. 30th although I wanted him to be a week overdue so he would be born on St. Nicholas' day...good thing he wasn't 'cause that kid was 10lbs 6oz!) I know I have weird reasons for picking the saints but they must have inspired me a bit because I really think they are appropriate for each child!

Anonymous said...

I studied all my life in a nun's parrochial school called Holy Mary Presented To the Temple (veeeery long name ah?. We used to go to mass every 21st (besides every friday and every feast). The nuns are italian and they belong to a congregation dedicated to Mary. Thank you for bringing back good memories!
Have a good and safe Thanksgiving!
Raquel Maria

Lisa said...

Did I mention to you that we were blessed to have a one man performance of the Protoevangelium of James this year by Fr. Jim DiLuzzo (not sure if I spelled that correctly), a Paulist priest from St. Paul the Apostle in New York City? It was really amazing!