Saturday, November 11, 2006

A typical day

Sometimes people ask me what a nun's life is like. Well, here's a typical day. This morning I was going back to my room after my morning shower, and one of the other sisters saw me and said, "There's an alarm going off by the boiler room and the red light is on." Oh great, I thought, this has to happen on Saturday when our maintenance staff is not here.
So I went down and silenced the alarm but found it went on because the boiler failed. I tried the reset button and it started up again, but after about one minute it failed again and the alarm went off. So I got on the phone and tried to get help, but it wasn't available just yet (why would it be on Saturday morning?). Luckily the weather has gotten a bit warmer these past few days, so it's not too bad. Then after breakfast I got a call that a group using our retreat house had no hot water and no heat. We got the hot water back but not the heat so far.


Lisa said...

Not a fun way to start the day! St. Joseph, please intercede.

Anonymous said...

My sympathy with your problems. Hope the boiler is working; isn't it really old, though? I hope also that your Winter will be mild:)

Anonymous said...

That stinks, Sister, hope you get everything squared away before the chill sets in. I swear there's nothing worse than not being able to get warm on those chilly days. I often think about the homeless on days when the heat gets turned down or when I'm running out to my car to grab something. Cold is a form of torture! I think hell must be a frozen tundra rather than a fiery pit!