Tuesday, December 12, 2006

Guadalupe movie

Since today is the feast of Our Lady of Guadalupe, if you've seen the new Guadalupe movie, please leave a comment with your opinion on it. I haven't seen it yet. Thanks!

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Kitty said...

I have heard a little about it and it sounds good, but unfortunately, the company who made the movie tried to rely on word-of-mouth to get people to go see it. Here, it was in the theaters and gone before we even knew it was in the works. Movie theaters can't afford to show a movie to an empty room for weeks, waiting for friends to tell their friends to come see it. If it doesn't do well the first weekend, it is often gone before the next weekend. I hope the makers of the movie put it out on DVD so that those of us who WOULD have supported it in the theater can support it after.