Wednesday, January 17, 2007

The reform of the Church: advice from a saint

I recently was reading a life of St Catherine of Siena, who lived during the 14th century. It was a most difficult time for the Church, which was enduring schism and many evils from within.

Catherine's first petition was for the reform of the Church. In one of her deep moments of prayer, God answered her by saying, "Her beauty will not be restored with the dagger, or by cruelty, or by war, but with peace and by continual prayers, sweat, and tears, offered with fervent desire by my servants."


causa nostra laetitiae said...

St Catherine's persistence in reforming the Church from afar reminds me of we bloggers who write and write and pray and pray to reform the church. May we be blessed with her success. St. Catherine, pray for us!

Lisa said...

And it is each of us who is called through out sweat, tears, and prayers to reform/rebuild the Church prayerfully and peacefully and (sometimes) persistently... each in our own little part of the world.