Tuesday, February 06, 2007

The 60's singing nun

I accidentally came across this link to a video clip of the famous singing nun from the 60's singing her # 1 hit
It brought back memories. Yet I was saddened to find out that she ended up committing suicide. I knew she had left the convent early on--before final vows. She got caught up in the crazy times of the 60s and after she left the convent, wrote a song praising the birth control pill! (The song flopped.) Later, in 1985 she and a friend committed suicide together.
Her real name was Jeanine Deckers. Pray for the repose of her soul.
Watching the video clip was a bit eerie--like the last hurrah of the pre-Vatican II world on the verge of collapsing. She looks like one of those angelic nuns from "Going My Way." But it was not what it seemed.
Perhaps the tragic life of Jeanine Deckers is a reminder that we all need the grace of God, always, every day, to keep on doing good, and that grace comes to us through prayer.


Brother Cody said...


As I was reading your blog, Dominique came up on my MP3 player. I call this Divine providence.

She kinda fell out of grace with the Church and wrote about contraception, you know. But the song is good.

In Peace,

Cody Maynus

Leticia said...

I grew up such a huge fan of Soeur Sourire, that I memorized several of her songs in French. When I heard of her demise, I was devastated; she was swept away by the sixties allright, though her music remains as one of it's brightest moments.
I have a post on her as well, her convent songs still speak to me.