Thursday, February 22, 2007

Keep looking at Jesus

The following is a beautiful comment that was left by Fr. Gregory--I post it here so it can be more easily seen:

"When I was a child at home in Maine, my cousins and I used to play a game in the snow. We would attempt to walk from my backyard to the woods behind my house, the winner was the one who could keep the straightest line in the snow. It was a distance of 70-80 yards...a long walk for small children. My cousin, Donna, who was the smallest and youngest always won. So one day, I asked her: "How come you always win this game?" And she replied: "It's easy while all of you are watching your feet, I pick out a tree in the distance and keep my eyes on it...and so I win because I always have the straightest line."

I was reflecting on this I (we) prepare for Lent. If we keep our eyes on Christ and His Most Holy Mother...rather than looking down at our 'feet in the snows of sin and failure' (God knows how we love to look at our own prints!) perhaps we might also make a 'straighter' line through our Christian life...and reach OUR goal (salvation) and win by His grace?

O Lord give us the sobriety necessary for the Lenten Fast...that recollected, we may repent of all our failures and grievous sins...and may yet have that image restored to us of our baptismal innocence that we so desire!"

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