Wednesday, February 07, 2007

Mary, the Model of Prayer

In a few days it will be the feast of Our Lady of Lourdes. In that apparition, Bernadette saw Mary praying.
She was silent, raising her eyes to heaven, praising God and begging him for graces.

The most important thing about praying is to set aside a regular time for it every day and just do it. It doesn't have to be great prayer. Some days it might be impossible to do much more than sit there. That's OK. What matters is to be faithful to the time. God will do the rest.

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Fr. Gregory said...

Sister speaks so well here! I have always been moved by that first 'novena' of prayer...those nine days before Pentecost...when the apostles spent nine days in prayer with the Mother of God. Our Blessed Mother is she who gathers us around her Son when we receive His gift to the Church---the Holy Spirit...and then she sends us out into the world to proclaim that Good News, that salvation is ours. She IS indeed THE very best prayer-instructor and prayer-companion! The Catholic Church is THE only place where Our Lady is seen in her totality---as the mediatrix of all grace...and our intercessor (she who entreats in our favor) before God. May she who is our sinful nature's solitary our companion throughout this holy Lenten season...and bring us to experience the Resurrection of her Son in all its power and beauty!

O Mary, conceived free from the ancient curse, pray for us who are subject to it...yet strive to be holy like you!