Friday, March 23, 2007

Listening at prayer

Leanne Payne is one of my favorite authors, and she often talks about listening to God at prayer. She says that if we pay attention, God always speaks to us affirming words of love. Sometimes those words can be a call to repentance--because God loves us he wants us to be as holy as we can.
Recently I had an experience like that. I was praying in chapel and thought about an area in my life where I could definitely improve. Then I started to think, "Well, it's not such a big deal, not even a sin, really." Suddenly, these words popped into my head, as if Jesus was speaking to me, "Even if it's not a sin, it still hurts our relationship." Those words stunned me. They definitely didn't come from me. It's amazing how God can put thoughts like that into our minds. Of course, we need to use discernment because some thoughts might come from the evil spirit too. But these brought some good fruit in terms of calling me to conversion in a particular area.

In what ways do you find that God speaks to you?


freddie said...

it is trhough our own life that He speaks to us! there should be no separation between prayer and the rest of the day, it hsa to fullfil all our time.
Always rejoice in Him
Pace e Bene

Clare Krishan said...

Yes, I can identify.

I've been afflicted with a prolonged bout of self-pity that clouds out clarity in my charity so to speak. Short-temperedness (what my mother calls 'being cross' a familial trait I inherited from her) is weakness I too easily forgive myself for. I was drawn-up short reading this post

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