Tuesday, March 13, 2007

Sacrament of Charity -- Sacrament of Freedom

In reading this new document, I was struck by how often Pope Benedict links the Eucharist with freedom. It's a strong theme throughout. He speaks of how the Eucharist is a mystery to be believed, celebrated and lived, and in all these ways we come to a greater freedom.
It liberates us from our selfishness by uniting us to Christ in his self-giving sacrifice. It liberates us from error by uniting our minds with Christ, the Truth. It liberates us from a narrow existence by opening us up to the needs of all people.
In no. 73, the Pope states: "the Synod Fathers reaffirmed the importance of the Sunday obligation for all the faithful, viewing it as a wellspring of authentic freedom enabling them to live each day in accordance with what they celebrated on '‘the Lord's Day.''' Although some might see it as just an obligation, Sunday worship is a source of grace that enables us to live as God wants us to, and thus find happiness.

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