Friday, May 11, 2007

Christopher West visit

Today I was delighted that Christopher West was able to stop by our convent for a brief visit. He's in Boston for some presentations that he is giving. As you may know, he has published with us his excellent commentary Theology of the Body Explained. Soon we will be publishing a revised edition that Christopher has done in light of the new translation of Pope John Paul's text Man and Woman He Created Them.

It was wonderful to have Christopher here. We showed him what Sr Linda calls her "monument to the theology of the body," which is a HUGE stack of paper from when she was working on Man and Woman.

Christopher is doing a wonderful work in spreading the Pope's message far and wide. May God bless him, his work, and his family.


Ebeth said...

Dear Sr.
Christopher West has been added to my list of authors that I have just learned about...silly me a cradle Cath and just now getting into great Catholic writing. I am currently reading a book that he wrote the "forward" for "Authentic Catholic Woman" I have read the "Theology of the body, made simple" and Totb, Explained should be my next read. Lucky you to meet this fine fellow!
"Climbing", book by book!

Anonymous said...

if you would pray that Pope John Paul II becomes Blessed before October of '07, I would appretiate it. You see Id like for John Paul to be my confirmation name, but you have to have the "Blessed" title for this to happen. If not Ill chose Saint Luke.

Sr. Lorraine said...

Dear anonymous,
I don't see any reason why you can't take John Paul as your confirmation name, since both John and Paul are names of saints. If you choose to think of your patron as Pope John Paul, that doesn't affect your ability to choose those names!