Wednesday, May 30, 2007

St. Joan of Arc

It's not celebrated here, but today is the feast of St. Joan of Arc.
She's such an amazing saint--she had a truly unique vocation. A few years ago I read the transcript of her interrogation, and I could only marvel at her answers. The Holy Spirit inspired her. Imagine a young teenage girl being hauled before a hostile court. She could have easily been intimidated, but she didn't let them intimidate her.

At one point they asked her, "Are you in the state of grace?" Her reply: "If I'm not, may God put me there, and if I am, may he keep me there!"


Anonymous said...

Saint Joan of Arc was amazing. Reading her quotes is the best way to learn her history. There is a whole long page of them here:

GraceMags said...

hello sister. I have always loved Joan of Arc and have read numerous documents about her life. There is one legend or detail though that puzzles me and maybe you can help me. I am wondering if there is any truth to the story that her heart never got burned during her execution. Do you know anything about this?

poetbdk said...

The exectioner was reported to have said that her heart had refused to burn. The same exectioner was recorded by several priests as saying "I fear that I shall be damned for I have burned a holy woman."

Anonymous said...

Joan of Arc's execution and death