Monday, May 14, 2007

St Matthias, saint of hope

Have you been feeling discouraged or in need of hope? If so, there's a saint for you. His name is St Matthias. He was one of the original disciples of Jesus.

After Jesus was crucified, everything seemed lost. He had given them such hope. Now look what happened! Even one of his own chosen followers, Judas, had betrayed him. Things looked so dark. Matthias must have felt very discouraged and hopeless.

But you know the rest of the story. Jesus rose from the dead. The impossible happened. Just when things seemed darkest, it all turned around in a flash with the resurrection.

The other apostles must have felt bad about Judas' betrayal. But they picked up the pieces and went on. They chose from among the group of Jesus' followers someone to replace Judas, and that was Matthias.

When things seem bleakest, when you're facing big problems, when you have no resources, hold on to hope. Pray to St. Matthias. He's not as well known as the other apostles, like St. Jude. But Matthias knows what it's like when things seem lost. He'll be your patron in heaven, praying for you and leading you through the dark times. The sun will come out again. The Lord is risen, alleluia!

This prayer is from his feastday Mass, on May 14:

Father, you called St. Matthias to share in the mission of the apostles. By the help of his prayers, may we receive with you the love you share with us and be counted among those you have chosen. We ask this through Christ our Lord. Amen.

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