Saturday, June 09, 2007


I'm going on my annual retreat this week, so I won't be able to blog for a little while. I'll pray for the intentions of everyone who reads this. God bless you!


Paul Stokell said...

And may God bless you, Sister. Have a great retreat!!

Lisa said...

Many prayer intentions, Sister Lorraine, in particular right now the following one:

Please keep Sister Mary Alan Barszczewski, cssf (Immaculate Conception Province, Lodi, NJ). Sister Alan is in the worst struggle of her six year journey with recurring liver cancer. Sister Alan played a very significant role in my life during high school she and I were the mainstays of the music ministry and where I helped out with different athletics activities. Sister Alan is an amazing powerhouse of faith and fight and now faces the greatest challenge of her young 60 years. There's a link to a recent impromptu celebration of her life here, compliments of The Philadelphia Inquirer.
Please join us in encircling her with prayer!

Biby Cletus said...

Hi, i just surfed in searching for interesting blogs on Spirituality, you have a cool blog. Do keep up the good work. I'll be back even though i live far from where you live. its nice to be able to see what people from across the world thinks.

Warm Regards from the Other Side of the Moon.

On a related note perhaps you might find the following link interesting. Its propossing a theory and i'll like to hear your take on the subject via comments. See ya...

Jesus an Essenes ?


Kerala, India