Wednesday, July 04, 2007

Motu proprio on Latin Mass

From the Vatican news agency:

Vatican, Jul. 4, 2007 ( - A papal document widening use of the 1962 Roman Missal will be released on July 7, the Roman news agency I Media says, confirming reports that circulated late in June.

The motu proprio will be entitled Summorum Pontificum, I Media adds. The title of the Pope's document had not previously been mentioned in the media, despite numerous reports of its existence and intense speculation over its contents.

The German-language agency reported on June 27 that the document by Pope Benedict XVI ( bio - news) will be released on Saturday, July 7. The story appeared after a special Vatican meeting in which a small group of prelates were briefed about the contents of the motu proprio. The Vatican press office later confirmed that the meeting had taken place, but did not confirm the publication date for the document.

The motu proprio is reportedly a 3-page document. It will be released in conjunction with a 4-page explanatory letter in which the Pope sets out his reason for encouraging the use of the pre-conciliar liturgy as an "extraordinary" form of the Latin rite.


RobK said...

if "extraordinary" means hear what it does in "extraordinary Eucharistic ministers" then it will be the most frequently seen mass in the United States. :)

Seminarian Matthew said...

Will your community begin using the Latin Mass occasionally now?

Anonymous said...

A Latin Mass may be starting at St. Peter Chanel parish in Hawaiian Gardens, CA.