Wednesday, August 01, 2007

One of those days

Yesterday was one of those days--I had a feeling it wouldn't be good when the fire alarm went off around 3:30 AM. Then right after breakfast I found out that the registration on one of our cars had expired. Two of the sisters had left on a trip to the Courage conference in Chicago (we record the talks and have a book display.) They got stopped and had to come back home (with a ticket of course). Luckily they weren't too far away.
So I went down to the Registry of Motor Vehicles and waited for about 45 minutes, only to discover that I needed another form from the insurance company. I went back home to get the insurance info, made a trip downtown to the insurance company, and then back to the RMV. It was almost 3 PM by the time I was finished with it all.

I think we must have never gotten the registration renewal form in the mail, but I felt responsible because I should have noticed it. In this big community of over 60 sisters, we have to have a number of cars and it's easy for things like this to slip through the cracks. Anyway, I was feeling annoyed at myself for the whole thing. But the reality is that I make plenty of mistakes. As long as I can learn from them, that's what counts. Everybody makes mistakes, and when I make them, it reminds me to be more understanding about them, both for me and for other people. God doesn't expect us to be perfect here on earth, only in heaven.


xaipe said...

We got a ticket here in Chicago for not having an updated city sticker. Our suspicion is that the city really does mess up accidentally on purpose, for fundraising!

xaipe said...

I mean, we didn't get the renewal form... And it wasn't the first time! (A few years ago our check was held for two months, and during those two months, we got cited twice for not having the sticker!)