Thursday, August 09, 2007

Some thoughts on the Assumption

The feast of Mary's Assumption into heaven is coming next week (August 15).
St. John Damascene (8th century) was a Father of the Church who wrote three famous sermons on the Assumption. Here is an excerpt from the third sermon:

To-day she begins her second life through Him who was the cause of her first being. She gave a beginning, I mean, the life of the body, to Him who had no beginning in time, although the Father was the cause of His divine existence. Rejoice holy and divine Mount Sion, in which reposes the living divine mountain, the new Bethel, with its grace, human nature united with the Godhead. From thee her Son ascended to heaven as [207] from the olives. Let the world-embracing cloud be prepared and the winds gather the apostles to Mount Sion from the ends of the earth. Who are these who soar up as clouds and eagles to the cause of all resurrection, ministering to the Mother of God? Who is she who rises resplendent, all pure, and bright as the sun? Let the spiritual lyres sing to her, the apostolic tongues.

The full text of all three can be found at

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