Sunday, September 09, 2007

Being in nature

This weekend I had the opportunity to spend Saturday afternoon and most of Sunday at the seashore. It was a very welcome change and brief time of renewal. I went walking with a couple other sisters on a wooded area nearby the shore, attached to a farm open to the public.

It felt so refreshing just to be closer to nature, around the cows, horses, sheep and goats on the farm. People who live on farms are really fortunate to be able to live closer to God's creation. I actually felt a peacefulness and restfulness coming over me from being in nature. I would have loved to live on a farm but it's not something my vocation entails.

Back in the city now, at least there are trees and parks nearby that we can enjoy here. Sometimes I get so busy with work that I don't go outside as much as I would like to. Being in touch with nature brings me closer to God, who created it.

If you live in a city, how do you find ways to enjoy creation?

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Anonymous said...

When I lived in Chicago, which was most of my life, I looked up at the sky and watched the clouds or at night the stars. I also took walks in the local forest preserve, LaBaugh Woods. Often I went to the shore of Lake Michigan, sat on the rocks and stared at the water and the horizon. I was even tempted to substitute that for going to Sunday Mass. But that lasted for all of about a week. I was too in love with the Mass. I could do both! I was used to living in the city then, and those activities satisfied me. But having lived in rural and semi-rural places since 1989, I could never return permanently to the city. But I love to visit!