Friday, September 14, 2007

Triumph of the cross

From Pope Benedict:

"What looks down to us from the Cross is a goodness that enables a new beginning in the midst of life’s horror. The goodness of God himself looks on us, God who surrenders himself into our hands, delivers himself to us, forcing us to look at the dangerousness of man and all his heinous deeds and at the same time makes us look upon God, who is stronger in his weakness, and upon the fact that we are loved by God. It is in this sense a sign of forgiveness and hope…God is crucified and says to us that this God who is apparently so weak is the God who uncomprehensively forgives us.”


Deacon Richard said...

Can anyone give me the exact reference for this quote, please?
Deacon Richard Budgen

Sr. Lorraine said...

Dear Deacon Richard,

It's from "Salt of the Earth," pg. 26-27.

God bless you!

Sr Lorraine