Monday, November 12, 2007

Pope's visit in the spring

It looks like the Pope's schedule has been finalized for his visit to the US next spring. He won't be coming to Boston but he'll be celebrating a Mass at Yankee stadium on April 20. I hope I'll be able to go! I haven't been to Yankee stadium since October 1979 when Pope John Paul II celebrated Mass there. It was a great event. We got to get fairly close as he drove by in the Popemobile.


Robin L. in TX said...

Pray for all of us if you get to go. NYC and Washington are too far away for me to get there.

Why couldn't he come South--the weather is beautiful here that time of year!

In Christ's peace and joy,

Robin L. in TX

Kitty said...

How exciting that he's coming! We're too far from Yankee Stadium here, too, but I am glad he's coming to the US.