Monday, November 19, 2007

What does it take...

To become a saint?

What’s your goal in life? What do you want to be? What do you want to become—not so much in terms of doing a particular thing, but of the kind of person you want to be?

As baptized Christians, we have a life goal set out for us: holiness. At Vatican II the bishops wrote a whole chapter about the universal call to holiness (it’s found in the Dogmatic Constitution on the Church).

Today and for the next few days I’ll put up a few posts on how to become a saint in five (not so easy) steps. Please feel free to add your own thoughts about it.

1. Desire it
I read somewhere that when someone asked St Thomas Aquinas how to become a saint, he simply replied, “Will it.” It’s true, of course, that we absolutely need God’s grace. But God can’t help us if we don’t want him to. So the very first step in becoming holy is to want it, to want it more than anything else. Blessed James Alberione once said to the sisters, “Desire holiness and will it constantly.”
Francis Bernardone started out by wanting to simply repair a broken-down church. Little by little, he gave up all his material goods, every worldly possession, to live in complete poverty so that he could love God more. That single-hearted desire changed him from Francis the town clown to St. Francis of Assisi.
At bottom, the desire for holiness is a desire to be in a love relationship with God.It means realizing that we can't live without God.

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