Monday, December 31, 2007

Worthwhile spiritual reading

The Dominicans have posted Fr. Jordan Aumann's classic on spiritual theology here.

Fr Aumann died this year. His book is an excellent guide to the spiritual life, based on St. Thomas

Thursday, December 27, 2007

Merry Christmas!

The Christmas season lasts about two weeks, so we have a little time to savor it.
Today's reading in the Office of Readings is from the first letter of John. He makes the point that if we sin, we have an intercessor with the Father: Jesus. Yes, Jesus is our intercessor, our advocate, and he pleads our cause. The letter to the Hebrews says that Jesus "lives always to make intercession for us."

I'm not really in the habit of thinking of Jesus that way, but it's exactly what he does for us. He is our advocate,and he is on our side. He calls us to conversion when we stray, but always in a way that is kind and merciful.

Monday, December 17, 2007

Peter Rudegeair, RIP

Today I heard the news that Dr Peter Rudegeair died suddenly last Friday evening in a car accident. Dr Rudegeair often spoke at the Courage conferences each summer. He was a psychologist and supporter of Church teaching on homosexuality. In 2003 he made a trip to Australia to promote the message of Courage and faced opposition and heckling.

He will really be missed. May he rest in peace.

Women Affirming Life

I've gotten a bit behind in blogging. On December 8 I gave a brief presentation to the group of Women Affirming Life on Mary and the theology of the body. It centered on how the idea of making a gift of one's self is at the heart of TOB. Spousal love, of course, is the most significant way of making this gift of self. But in whatever ways we show love to others, we are making a "sincere gift of self," as Pope John Paul used to say.

I have to thank Marianne Luthin for inviting me to do this. At the breakfast I also met her husband Henry for the first time. Marianne works in the pro-life office for the diocese of Boston. Both she and Henry are wonderful examples of living the spousal gift of self! God bless you both!